Multi Lens Film , Holographic Lens Film

holographic Lens Film

3D Holographic Multi Lens Film , Holographic Lens Film Manufacturers in China

Holographic Lens Film,Multi lens(Fresnel Lens) film are in metalic, single colors, and multi register colors.We strive to impress the customer as we add striking brightness and vivid colors to our clients’ products.

Holographic Lens Film,3D Holographic Multi Lens Film is widely used on printing, lamination, decoration, craft, gift wrap, shopping bag, leather& housewares (ex. shower curtain, table clothes & window cling film).Fresnel material can be laminated onto paper for printing or directly applied on shopping bags, book covers, self-adhesive labels, stationery, decoration and packaging etc.

Holographic Lens Films

Min.Order Quantity : 5000 Square Meter

Customized: Design and color can be customized.

Material : PET , PET is more suitable for UV offset and Positioning printing.

Types : Transparent, Metalized, Color Coated.

Thickness : 25 micron (0.025mm) / 45 micron (0.045mm)

Width : 10 mm to 1000 mm

Roll Length : 1000 m-5000 m

Features : eye-catching and brightness 3d laminating film,multi lens film,laser film,holographic film,etc.

Payment Terms : T/T,Western Union, 50% deposit of the total payment before bulk production.

Production Capacity : 2,200,000 Meters per Month

Delivery Time : 7-15 Days

Port : Shenzhen , China

We also provide OEM & ODM services for customers. With high qualified staff and long-term professional experience enables us to develop new products year by year, as well as provide customers the best service.

Laminating with 80gsm to 500gsm art paper, ivory board, grey board. All paper is available both in reel and in sheet, suit to offset silk-screen, flexographic, gravure, UV offset is perfect.

Design services help explore the look and functionality required Origination is a particular strength. Using a wide array of origination techniques, AFC is able to develop increasingly complex design

  a. Laminate on film or paper for flexible packaging or folding cartons.
  b. Good adhesion for printing.
  c. Gift wrap, shopping bag, decoration, book cover, stationery, packaging, advertising , etc…

multi lens film application

Holographic Lens Film,3D Holographic Multi Lens FilmMore,contact us

holographic Metallized Lens Film

Metallized Lens Films

Transparent Holographic Lamination Films

Transparent Lens Films

Color Holographic Lamination Films

Color Lens Films

holographic multi lens film customized

customized lens film

holographic multi lens film customized

customized lens film

holographic multi lens film customized

customized lens film

holographic multi lens film customized

customized lens film

holographic Multi Lens Film AFCS-01

Lens Film AFC-S01

holographic Multi Lens Film AFCS-02

Lens Film AFC-S02

holographic Multi Lens Film AFCS-03

Lens Film AFC-S03

holographic Multi Lens Film AFCS-04

Lens Film AFC-S04

holographic Multi Lens Film AFCS-05

Lens Film AFC-S05

holographic Multi Lens Film AFCS-06

Lens Film AFC-S06

holographic Multi Lens Film AFCS-07

Lens Film AFC-S07

holographic Multi Lens Film AFCS-08

Lens Film AFC-S08

holographic Multi Lens Film AFCS-09

Lens Film AFC-S09

holographic Multi Lens Film AFCS-10

Lens Film AFC-S10

holographic Multi Lens Film AFCS-11

Lens Film AFC-S11

holographic Multi Lens Film AFCS-12

Lens Film AFC-S12

holographic Multi Lens Film AFCS-13

Lens Film AFC-S13

holographic Multi Lens Film AFCS-14

Lens Film AFC-S14

holographic Multi Lens Film AFCS-15

Lens Film AFC-S15

holographic Multi Lens Film AFCS-16

Lens Film AFC-S16

holographic Multi Lens Film AFCS-17

Lens Film AFC-S17

holographic Multi Lens Film AFCS-18

Lens Film AFC-S18

holographic Multi Lens Film AFCS-19

Lens Film AFC-S19

holographic Multi Lens Film AFCS-20

Lens Film AFC-S20

holographic Multi Lens Film AFCS-21

Lens Film AFC-S21

holographic Multi Lens Film AFCS-22

Lens Film AFC-S22

holographic Multi Lens Film AFCS-23

Lens Film AFC-S23

We have partners print factory, their equipment is very modern and quality is very nice with cheap price, we can decrease your cost rapidly, welcome contact us.

Packing & Delivery:
Packing Details : Film in roll, Roll in pallet,We can customized the packing for you.
Delivery Details : Express / By Air / By ship

packaging and shipping

To order or for additional Information, Quotes, Pricing, & Products:


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